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Churn Prediction Software 

In a context of heightened competition between the various banking and insurance companies players, the loyalty of customers is gradually becoming a major issue for banks. It is known that today the cost of acquiring a new customer exceeds the cost of existing ones. By leveraging the power of machine learning algorithms we are able to identify the churners. By giving you this visibility, you are well equipped to conduct the actions most likely to retain your customers.

Credit Scoring Software

Giving credit is a main activity for you  and if your customer fails to honor his commitments is a loss for you, don’t worry we can guide you reduce these problems by identifying the probability of default for credit applicants and establishing a differentiation between the applicants in order to not take risk.

Financial Fraud Detection Software

With the democratization of different method of payment, there is a huge number of electronic transactions.

In parallel with this increase of electronic transactions, there is also a growing activity of mafia organizations and this is reflected in a significant increase in cases of payment fraud: something that is detrimental to income.

So financial institutions need to detect abnormal transactions in real time thing that allows the bank to block suspicious payments.

We provide a system that understand the typical patterns of fraud to fight against them and  detects anomalies in real time to identify and report fraud in order to act before harming revenue.


Customers have become more demanding and impatient, so banks and insurance companies  have to make their customers a priority.

Financial institutions are called upon to meet the expected needs of the customer: instantaneity & efficiency & flexibility.

Our chatbot can respond to user requests in real time, save time and satisfaction for the customer behind their computer or smartphone.

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